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Of course the prescriptive Rvalue code really should be followed When you are only considering the Rvalue of component test as it relates to Electricity intake.

five. My post didn't address effectiveness differences between vented unconditioned attics and unvented conditioned attics. I don't know why you and A few other viewers have become obsessed with this problem. I never lifted it, and it really is irrelevant to the point of my post.

As with all blown in products which combine with air, as time passes the air is compressed out a result of the bodyweight in the merchandise and that it is usually fluffed during set up to make it go over additional spot.

As for the ASTM review, you'll get no argument from me concerning the wisdom of making use of shut cell on roof decks. In fact, I locate hardly any scenarios where 2 lb. foam is smart in the slightest degree. But the ASTM examine (a minimum of the parts you posted in this article and elsewhere on the web) have nothing to accomplish with my comment.

The Illinois tests on Insul-Risk-free III found that the standard rise in warmth loss throughout the attic in excess of the month of January resulting from convection was about twenty five%.

Most cellulose installers are entirely aware of the settling problem, and supply insulation depths that foresee settling.

4. Regarding your position: "We've got audited numerous houses working with R30 and R38 cellulose where the homeowner complained of comfort challenges in their upper degrees" — I have no rationale to doubt you. There are various reasons why this is achievable; I suspect the homes you audited had inadequate ceiling air limitations and insulation set up defects.

I have regularly encouraged builders to select setting up programs that emphasize air tightness. Anyone who asks my assistance for insulating an unconditioned attic receives exactly the same tips:

Martin, And so the exploration you've got quoted showed a difference in the sphere analyzed overall performance of cellulose and fiberglass? That is the way I read it anyway, be sure to let me know if you read through the results in a different way.

two. "I hope by now we can concur the There's a difference between lab examined constant state tests his response As well as in the field assessments because it pertains to the doing R-value.

Few code officials are competent to interpret every one of the documents submitted by foam companies To guage whether the proposed foam set up is, in actual fact, safe.

Martin, on this site you delivered a connection towards the report you wrote "Just about every Failure Retains A Lesson". Regretably the link to this short article is broken. Do you have got another web-site URL where by I can obtain the post?

On this remark of yours: "It truly is now time and energy to suppose that each one homes will probably be created with awareness to air tightness." all I'm able to say is, DAMN, you are fairly the optimist. Regrettably, I imagine that we are still considerably clear of enough time that all homes may have that Significantly interest compensated to air tightness.

Martin, in a single of one's responses back to Scott you questioned him to provide just one occasion of misinformation. I have confidence in my past response I offered a minimum of a single and I feel numerous far more presented the logic at the rear of your posting.

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